In the world of critical bolting applications there is a need for achieving correct gasket loads. The new technology of Direct Tension Squirter Washers is designed to show visual indication when 60% of yield for a B7 bolt has been reached. Torque wrench inconsistencies have caused many gasket failures. There are many times the incorrect gasket load has been applied to bolted joints resulting in joint failure. The root cause of these failures range from bad calculation of friction for anti seize to damaged threads. DTSW ensures the bolts have reached the correct bolting load resulting in a properly loaded gasket that will not be doomed for failure. This paper will review the DTSW Technology and how it can be applied in Industry applications. It will discuss the inaccuracy of torque wrench technology in today’s industrial bolting environment. The paper will also highlight show the DTSW technology ease of use compared to typical Indicator washers that require feeler gauges.

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