China’s LNG industry started late, and there are insufficient experience and imperfect systems in the construction, operation, production, and management of LNG receiving stations. Moreover, the construction and application of LNG receiving station standard system lags, and it cannot be effectively improved in view of the changes in China’s national conditions and international energy situation. It is difficult to form an efficient standard system and management system unique to LNG receiving stations; The entire LNG terminal cannot effectively form an effective, scientific, and organic unity.

In view of the above problems, this paper puts forward the requirements for intelligent management of the standard system of LNG receiving stations and the relevant measures and suggestions for intelligent management. Based on many research and collection of relevant industrial standards of LNG receiving stations, combined with the relevant requirements of China’s enterprise standard system construction, the corresponding standard system tables for the design, construction, operation, management, maintenance, and safety of LNG receiving stations are established. Relying on computer and big data technology, combined with intelligent management and other functional requirements, relevant standard system management software and database have been established. The system well realizes the management, update, and review of the standard system, and establishes the PDCA cycle with the quality management system and environmental management system, takes the standardized related activities and resources as a process, manages the whole process of LNG receiving station operation and production, and complements and supports different systems, providing important technical support for the sustainable development of LNG receiving station.

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