Sliding surface in mechanical system is required to move smoothly and stop at target position. Sliding surface can move and stop by applying adequate friction force. It is necessary to develop machining technology to create texture with high precision and efficiency. On the other hand, ultrasonic vibration is used in many manufacturing fields. It is well known that surface roughness is improved and stress is reduced using ultrasonic vibration. In this study, machining technology creating wear resistant texture on large area sliding surface with high precision and efficiency using ultrasonic vibration during knurling is developed. The technology can be applied to the dampers and the base isolation systems for reduction of seismic response of the structures in this paper, the effect of ultrasonic vibration is examined by the fundamental experiment. In some of those devices, friction characteristics are an important factor for controlling their efficiency. In the experiment making a groove on the surface with an indenter using a 2 dimensional table, pressing force and friction force are measured. These forces are reduced using ultrasonic vibration. Pressing experiment making texture on the surface is also made. Deeper and clearer marks are formed using ultrasonic vibration during knurling.

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