In view of the frequent leakage and perforation of the steam system pipe fittings of a Chinese factory in a short period of use, it will not only affect the normal use of the pipe system, but also cause safety hazards. In this paper, sampling and analysis of failed pipe fittings are carried out. Through the analysis of macro and micro corrosion morphology on site, it is shown that local corrosion is the root cause of failure, and it is accompanied by uniform corrosion. When the corrosion reaches a certain level, such as perforation, the overall pipeline will increase larger system security risks. So, what can we do to prevent these accidents? In this article, we make some useful suggestions: Strict control of the quality of cooling water. Do a good job of steam defogging. Timely replace the pipe fittings with serious thinning and corrosion thinning. Change the material to ultra-low carbon stainless steel (316L) or Wear-resistant materials. Comprehensive inspection and structural integrity safety assessment to ensure the safe and effective operation of equipment.

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