The ASME Post Construction Standards Committee was formed in 1995 in response to an identified need for recognized and generally accepted engineering practices for the inspection and maintenance of pressure equipment after it has been placed in service. In 2020, the Committee marked its 25th year since its inception. This paper provides an overview of the history of that journey. It begins with a review of how post construction activities were addressed in the past, and how requirements for inspection, maintenance and repair of pressure equipment were addressed up until the early 1990s. It then chronicles the ASME activities from the formation of an ad-hoc task group through the formation of the committee, the identification of areas where standards were needed, and the publication of post construction standards within its scope. The paper also provides an overview of the post construction standards the committee has published, as well as other related documents and workshop activities.

The paper concludes with a look into the future, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is hoped that this paper offers unique insights into the history of post construction standards for pressure equipment and provides a case for continued involvement by interested volunteers to further develop and advance the mission of the committee.

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