The small punch (SP) test technique is expected to become a more common tool for estimating tensile properties since the technique has been approved for standardization and will be published early 2020 as EN-10371. The testing technique is naturally of interest in the nuclear field due to the small amount of material needed for estimating the properties of both virgin and irradiation damaged materials. In the project STRUMAT-LTO, supported within the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), there is intention to use both miniature uniaxial test specimen as well as miniature SP specimen to assess the influence of high fluence irradiation on mechanical properties of the samples of the joint NRG-JRC irradiation campaign LYRA-10. The alloys represented in the irradiation campaign are variations of VVER and PWR reactor pressure vessel steels with tailor made chemical compositions. Four of the PWR model steels are tested here with miniature uniaxial specimens using the SP technique at room temperature (RT) and 100°C in as-received material state and at RT for heat treated (450°C / 40 h) material. The SP samples were extracted from used KLST (miniature Charpy) specimens. The results of this test program are expected to provide the basis for the future development of material property determination of irradiated materials.

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