The purpose of the present work is to study the effect of the hydrogen content in a H2-NG (Natural Gas) blend on the mechanical behavior of a C-Mn low alloy steel L485-MB (NF EN ISO 3183) under monotonic loading. Different testing conditions were explored for the blend: 2% H2-NG, 25% H2-NG, 100% H2 and 100% NG at a total pressure of 8.5 MPa using two slow strain rates: 10−4 s−1 and 10−6 s−1. Tests in the blend were compared to those under pure hydrogen at the same partial pressures. Furthermore, two surface roughnesses have been explored, one corresponding to a mirror polish, the other as lathed. The embrittlement has been assessed by necking measurements and fracture analysis for the whole testing conditions. The results show a drop of ductility with the increase of partial pressure of hydrogen in NG. Besides, no significant effect of hydrogen were observed on flow stress. In addition, the L485-MB pipeline steel presents a shear type fracture mode in high partial pressure of hydrogen, whereas a cup and cone type fracture were observed in air, NG and low partial pressure of hydrogen in NG (0.2 MPa H2).

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