This paper is a report of the studies on the mechanical behaviors and leakage characteristics of pipe-socket threaded joints subjected to bending moment as well as internal pressure by means of experimental tests and finite element simulations. The paper dealt with the 3/4″ and 3″ joints, and the joints for both sizes have two different combinations of thread types in the pipe and socket, i.e. taper-taper thread combination or taper-parallel one, respectively. Experimental bending leak tests showed that the taper-taper joints could retain internal pressure under bending load up to nearly plastic collapse. The taper-parallel joints, however, could hardly keep internal pressure against bending moment even the sealing tape was applied to enhance the sealing performance. Finite element analysis was carried out to simulate those bending tests, especially to clarify the deformation and the stress distribution in the engaged threads in detail. The analysis demonstrated that the sealing performance of the joints highly depend on the contact conditions not only at the thread crest to thread root but also in between flank surfaces. A complicated leak path across the engaged threads under bending moment was identified by the simulation.

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