Gas storage well (GSW) is a sort of pressure vessel and a typical model of underground pressure vessel. Now the media of GSW is mainly compressed natural gas (CNG). The main advantages of GSW are analyzed, such as safety and economy are discussed. The current application field and the potential application field of GSW are also explained. Since the idea of GSW originated from oil-gas engineering, GSW has the absolute merit as well as connatural deficiency comparing to the conventional pressure vessel. The problems on material, design, manufacture, inspection, etc. of GSW based on current situation are discussed, forward analysis and expectation for its prospect are brought.

With the idea of GSW, some special type underground pressure vessel appeared, such as the underground cylinder type pressure vessel. The structure, design, manufacture of the underground cylinder type pressure vessel is discussed. With the development of new energy, the application field of the GSW is gradually expanded. The hydrogen storage GSW (HGSW) comes into being. The advantage such as safety and economy of HGSW, and the disadvantage are also analyzed. The key questions for the HGSW used in the hydrogenation fueling station are also summarized. The solution for material-hydrogen compatibility and tightness of high pressure HGSW is discussed finally.

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