The authors have been developing the three-dimensional isolation system for a Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor, and reported the details of characteristics of disc springs and vertical oil dampers on the basis of full-scale loading tests [1].

To clarify the fundamental characteristics of the three-dimensional isolation system, the loading tests using a half-scale assembled specimen have been planned, which is composed of a rubber bearing, disc spring units, the horizontal supporting functions, the smoothly sliding elements, and the rotate restraint elements.

This paper describes each characteristic of the rubber bearings, disc springs and sliding element before assembling a half-scale specimen of the three-dimensional seismic isolation system by the static or dynamic loading. The applicability of design method, the scaling effect in disc springs, and the dependence on the friction coefficient of the sliding elements were investigated and confirmed. Additionally, the method of minimizing the variation of force-displacement relationships between four disc spring units, each of which has the three disc springs stacked in parallel and six disc springs stacked in series, was studied.

It should be noted that this paper is in series from Part 2 [1] held on 2018PVP.

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