In this research, the seismic isolation structure which can switch the active control gains by the characteristics of the earthquake is proposed. As the number of high-rise buildings in urban areas in has increased in recent years, damage due to long-period earthquakes is expected to increase. In this paper, the focus is on the area of velocity response spectrum as an index of long-period earthquake. Then we design the time varying weighting coefficient from the area of the velocity response spectrum obtained from the seismic wave. The long periodicity of the earthquake is judged from the area of the velocity response spectrum calculated from the seismic wave arriving from moment to moment. In addition, we aim to improve the performance of the control system by inputting appropriate control power. We also aimed for energy saving of control by not performing control input within the range where the earthquake does not have a long period. We proposed a method of switching control using time varying weighting factor, designed time varying weighting factor, and confirmed its effectiveness by performing time history response analysis on actual seismic waves.

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