For many nuclear power plants worldwide the operation period will be extended to 60 or 80 years in the coming years. As the operation period increases, the importance of knowledge of ageing mechanisms increases. In the framework of LTO there is limited knowledge about ageing and structural integrity of concrete structures.

Knowledge about the strength of concrete structures and modelling thereof can be improved for a more complete knowledge base on ageing and degradation mechanism in nuclear facilities. Therefore, effort is required to improve the knowledge of concrete, material models and finite element modelling techniques as well as the assessment method.

Recent developments have shown that ageing of civil structures receive more attention internationally (E.g. concrete degradation in bunker building Doel). Traditionally a large part of the research and development is focused on mechanical issues like piping and vessels. In order to increase the knowledge in the field of civil structures, the focus is on investigation of ageing of concrete and determining analysis methods.

This paper focuses on the development of a practical assessment method for ageing of civil structures.

As a first step information from international publications and other sources on civil structures ageing issues and management thereof, will be gathered. Well known international standards taking care of ageing phenomena based on problem areas and good practices are IGALL and GALL.

IGALL and GALL contain information tables based on international experience. This is the starting point of the research in finding an assessment methodology for civil ageing management. It will be shown that IGALL and GALL contain very similar elements. Sorting on the AMPs results in a practical set of datasheets with summarizing information per AMP, including the underlying international experience. The datasheets are of limited size, presenting an helpful overview of the relevant structures or components, materials, environment and mechanisms.

A method for civil ageing management is proposed which will be applied and developed in more detail in future research. Further research is necessary to develop a specific assessment methodology for concrete.

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