The ASME B31.1-2018 Power Piping Code (Code) paras. 102.2.4, 102.3.3, and 104.8.2 provide an allowance regarding operating above the design temperature and design pressure for short time periods. The concept of allowing occasional operation for short periods of time at higher than the design pressure or design temperature has been in the Code since 1967. These 1967 Code para. 102.2.4 limitations were based on engineering judgment that can now be quantitatively evaluated for the additional creep life consumption (creep rupture damage accumulation).

This study primarily is a quantitative estimate of the permitted increased life consumption, considering minimum creep rupture properties, associated with the 2018 Code operating allowances for piping materials operating in the creep range. Eleven base metal materials are considered in this paper — low carbon steel, 1.25Cr 0.5Mo, 2.25Cr 1Mo, 9Cr 1 Mo V, Type 304 SS, Type 316 SS, Type 316L SS, Type 321 SS, Type 321H SS, Type 347 SS, and Type 347H SS. Results of this evaluation may be used to improve the ASME B31.1 Code, including a technical basis for a possible revision to para. 102.2.4.

Previous studies have revealed that Grade P22 base metal creep damage is slightly more sensitive to stress than Grade P11 material creep rupture damage, and Grade P91 base metal creep damage is substantially more sensitive to stress than Grade P22 material creep rupture damage. Therefore, the allowable pressure and temperature variations result in a range of increased creep life consumption for different materials. The intent of this study was to modify the two Code allowance criteria so that the permitted increased creep life consumption (considering the minimum creep rupture properties of the material) of Allowance B is about the same amount as the increased creep life consumption result of Allowance A for the same material.

Consequently, this study was performed to realign the allowable increased creep rupture life consumption of Allowance B to be approximately equivalent to the allowable increased creep life consumption of Allowance A. If the Allowance B event duration is increased from 80 hours per year to 400 hours per year, the Allowance B increased creep life consumption is slightly less than the Allowance A life consumption for each of these materials.

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