This paper proposed a homogenization model, and compiled a VUMAT subroutine to simulate the tension and shear of fiber-reinforced pultrusion composite (FRPC). Experiments were also performed to verify the accuracy of the homogenization model. The results show that, the simulation results agree well with the experiment data. The stiffness and strength increase with the increase of the diameter of the carbon composite part. The limit shear load and the horizontal shear strength decrease with the increase of the span. When FRPC is under shear with smaller span, the matrix tensile damage initiates first and it is the dominate failure mode, then the matrix and fiber compression damage occur at where the indenters contact. However, with the increase of the span, the delamination damage between the wound glass-fiber reinforced composite and pultrusion glass-fiber reinforced composite occurs and becomes the dominate failure mode for FRPC shear.

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