To avoid unacceptable vibration of suction and discharge piping for reciprocating pumps and compressors, acoustic and mechanical response analyses are to be carried out. These analyses are generally provided by the suppliers of such equipment. This paper explains the fundamentals behind an acoustic and mechanical response analysis and provides a simple set of consolidated design and engineering rules. The paper encourages application of these rules while developing the equipment and piping layout as well as pipe support configuration. The aim of these rules is to minimize the chance for the ultimate supplier’s detailed acoustic & mechanical response analysis to recommend significant changes to the design in a late stage of a project. Specific emphasis is placed on how the support stiffness affects the natural frequency of the piping system and a practical methodology is provided to account for this in pipe support span calculations. This paper also describes the process information that needs to be submitted to the supplier to conduct a meaningful acoustic as well as mechanical response analysis. Acknowledging requirements for lines in pulsating service at a late stage in the project, not providing the supplier with the required process information or a piping and support configuration that is not ‘mature’ enough will most likely result in significant delay and cost.

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