The contact gasket stress reduces when the bolted gasketed pipe flange connections are subjected to internal pressure. In designing the bolted connections, it is needed to predict the reduced contact gasket stress, so, it is necessary to know the load factor. However, it is difficult to estimate the value of the load factor of the connections under internal pressure. In the previous paper (2018PVP), a more simpler calculation method was proposed. However, a more accuracy for obtaining the values of the load factor is desirable using the spring constants Ktg and Kcg. In the present paper, some calculation models for the spring constants are improved. Then, the values of the load factor for JIS 10K flange connections and ASME B16 flange connections with spiral wound gaskets are shown. The values of the load factor for the above connections are in a fairy good agreement with the FEM results. Using the obtained load factor, the residual contact gasket stress and an amount of gas leakage are predicted. The obtained calculated results of the load factor and the amount of the leakage are in a fairly good agreement with FEM results, and the measured results for 24” connection. As a result, the value of the load factor for the connections with larger nominal diameter is found to be negative and it decreases as the nominal flange diameter increases. In addition, a method how to determine the bolt preload for satisfying a give allowable leak rate is demonstrated.

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