This paper presents laboratory performance testing of new technology utilizing a textured raised pattern on filled restructured PTFE (R-PTFE) sheet gasketing. The technology published in PVP2018-84039 and PVP2018-84040 and presented in Prague1,2 examined the load retention attributes of filled PTFE sheet gaskets with hexagonal/honeycomb surface texture in a miniaturized and standard raised face flange joints. This paper will show performance characteristics and comparisons to flat traditional R-PTFE gaskets. Data is presented on leak performance based on DIN-3535-4/6 and EN 13555, deflection under compressive load, bolt load retention and ASTM F36 compression and recovery. The paper gives a summary of results from a study of PTFE gasket users expressing their needs and desires for gasket performance. Examples of current field cases from chemical processors are also be presented.

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