After a short review of the 2 Codes in term of flaw evaluation, this paper will compare Scope, Standards, Methods, Material Properties, Structural Factors of 2 major International In-service Codes: ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes – Section XI – “Rules for In-service Inspection of Nuclear Facility Components”, 2017 Edition and RSE-M “In-Service Inspection Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Island”, 2017 Edition.

The cracked components are evaluated by dedicated engineering methods: comparison of fracture mechanic parameters (K/ Kcp, J, C*...) with material properties (toughness KIC, JIC, J resistance curve...) associated to structural factors for margins evaluation.

The comparison will consider mainly Appendices A, C of ASME Section XI and Appendix 5 of RSE-M (Appendices 5.0 to 5.8).

To conclude, the paper will discuss gaps, needs, ongoing and future developments of both Codes, like Warm-pre stressing, Master Curve, Leak Before Break....

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