This paper covers the general approach followed by AFCEN, the French Society for Design, Construction and In-Service Inspection Rules for Nuclear Island Components in updating the nuclear code RCC-M, from the technical and organizational points of view. The main evolutions introduced in recent editions of RCC-M code are presented and commented on, with a focus on the 2018 edition of the code, which marks the end of the 3-year program carried out to demonstrate the conformity with European essential safety requirements for pressure equipment and French requirements for nuclear pressure equipment.

In addition, the main on-going activities are presented, as well as the future activities of the RCC-M subcommittee, in the frame of the 4-year editorial program that has been launched in 2019, in line with the AFCEN 4-year strategic plan. They encompass all fields covered by the code: design and analysis rules, material procurement, fabrication and nondestructive testing. The paper highlights how the industrial experience is integrated into the RCC-M code, and also how the new projects needs are taken into account.

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