High-pressure hydrogen storage is a widely used storage method for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs), and most of the new HFCVs use the fully-wrapped carbon fiber reinforced cylinders as the energy storage component. In order to promote the implementation of HFCVs through the creation of performance-based testing requirements for cylinders in China, the national standard named “Fully-wrapped Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cylinders with an Aluminum Liner for the On-board Storage of Compressed Hydrogen as a Fuel for Land Vehicles” (GB/T 35544) has been published in 2018. The GB/T 35544 contains requirements for the material, design, manufacture, marking, and testing of serially produced, refillable cylinders. In this work, the key points of the standard are introduced, including the category of cylinders, the maximum number of fueling cycles, material properties, design qualification tests, etc. In addition, issues that need to be further studied for developing high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders are also indicated.

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