This paper discusses four different ultrasonic guided wave standards. Three of them are China’s national standards or industry standards: GB/T 31211-2014 “Nondestructive Testing Ultrasound Guided Wave Detection”, GB/T 28704-2012“Non-destructive testing—Test method for ultrasonic guided wave testing based on magnetostrictive effects”, and DL/T 1452-2015 “Thermal Power Pipeline Ultrasound Guided Wave Detection”. The another one is ASTM E2929:“Standard Practice for Guided Wave Testing of Above Ground Steel Piping with Magnetostrictive Transfusion”. Through six aspects in this article, including testing application scope, preliminary requirements, standard specimen and comparative specimen, distant amplitude curve and time gain curve, the existing difference between China and America is obvious and diversity. It is necessary to explore the underlying reasons for the connection of Chinese code and international code in the field of Non-destructive testing. During the standardization, anyone of the standard should be actually compared on the presentation of chart, and the verification and comparison of results, and lists the similarities and differences of each part based on GB31211.

This paper provides reference for China to integrate with foreign standards in the field of ultrasonic guided wave detection of pressure vessel and pipelines.

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