For the required thickness estimation against buckling in the elevated temperature design, the external pressure chart for two kinds of ferritic steel, 2 1/4Cr-1Mo and Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel, was developed. On the basis of the guideline described in the ASME BPVC Section II, Part D, Mandatory Appendix 3 with mechanical and physical properties provided in the JSME fast reactor code, the external pressure charts for each material were constructed. The minimum stress-strain curve for evaluating the external pressure chart was applied the stress-strain equation with design yield strength, Sy, provided by the JSME fast reactor code. As a result, three external pressure charts with digital values were proposed for elevated temperature design. Moreover, the rationalization effect from the current alternative was evaluated by the sample problem. This proposal resolves two issues. One is alternative use of chart for lower strength material over the 150 °C. The other is the external pressure chart above 480°C for which ferritic steels are not available.

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