Fitness for service rules and a calculation method for ductile crack growth under large scale plastic cyclic loading have not been established even for Mode I. In a paper presented at the PVP2018 conference the authors presented methods to establish how to determine the parameters of the combined hardening plasticity rule and applied it to simulate the ductile crack growth behavior of 1TCT specimens of the different load levels. Also, ΔJ calculations using the reference stress method, and a ΔJ-basis fatigue crack growth rate derived from that on ΔK-basis according to JSME rules for FFS were applied to estimate the crack growth under cyclic loading in excess of yield. Since in the 2018 paper identified some gaps were found between experiments and the predicted crack growth behavior, several equations of the reference stress method are evaluated in the present paper. Additionally, the prediction procedure using the ΔJ calculation by the reference stress method and the da/dN−ΔJ curve based on the JSME rules for FFS are applied to pipe fracture tests under cyclic loading. Their applicability is discussed for the case of an example piping system.

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