Safety related valves in nuclear power plants are required to be qualified in accordance with the ASME QME-1 standard. This standard describes the requirements and the processes for qualifying active mechanical equipment that are used in nuclear power plants. It does not cover the qualification of electrical components that are addressed using IEEE standards; however, QME-1 recognizes that both mechanical and electrical components must be qualified when they are interfaced as an assembly. Qualifying both mechanical and electrical valve assemblies can be challenging. Considerable amount of judgment is used when developing the plan to qualify any valve with an electric motor actuator. If the wrong steps are taken in planning the tests, the results from the tests may not be useful thus triggering the need to perform additional tests to comply with QME-1 requirements. This paper presents lessons learned in the process of qualifying valve assemblies to meet QME-1 requirements. The lessons include the decision processes associated with planning and executing valve testing, analysis of the valve assemblies for natural frequency determination, and missed opportunities to capture relevant test data during the tests. Finally, the paper will discuss challenges associated with justifying the tests and extending the results of the tests to cover untested valve assemblies.

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