Weld overlay (WOL) is a popular repair technique to mitigate stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in dissimilar metal weld (DMW) in U.S. pressurized water reactor (PWR) design. The WOL technique is being considered as a SCC mitigation technique for DMW in Russian water-water energetic reactor (WWER or VVER) design. A WOL mockup on a VVER super emergency feedwater nozzle DMW has been fabricated, which represents the first WOL on VVER with the goal to mitigate SCC and the first WOL in Czech Republic civilian nuclear power plants. This paper presents the two- and three-dimensional finite element analyses performed to assess the weld residual stresses in the WOL mockup. The analysis evaluates the stress distribution and changes in the DMW before and after the WOL application, as well as compares the results to established industry guidelines and comparable WOLs on U.S. PWR.

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