Creep crack growth behavior of the Inconel625/BNi-2 brazed joint considering the diffusion zone at 650 °C was investigated by a continuum damage mechanics approach based on the finite element method. The results show that creep crack nucleate and develop at the region of the brazing filler metal. The crack initiates at about 0.2 mm ahead of the crack tip. When the load is 1000 N, the crack initiation time of the CT specimen is 1664 hour. While when the load is 1135 N, the crack initiation time is only about 891 hour. The simulated results correspond well with the experimental data, presenting that the used finite element method can accurately simulate the creep damage behavior of the brazed joint. When the mechanical properties of the diffusion zone are not considered, the crack initiation time and fracture time decrease significantly compared to the result with properties of the diffusion zone included, indicating that the result from the conventional simulating method without considering the diffusion zone is quite conservative compared to the experimental life of the component.

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