07MnNiMoDR is a widely used quenched and tempered high strength steel in fabrication of low-temperature pressure vessels in China. It can be used at/above −50°C according to the current design specification of GB 150. Some data show that this provision severely underestimates the performance of this material at low temperature, while others indicate that it overestimates the cryogenic performance of this material. In the paper, a series of tests including uniaxial tension tests, impact test and fracture toughness tests were carried out at low temperature to investigate the properties of 07MnNiMoDR with different thickness specimens. Fracture mechanics assessment procedures in API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 (Fitness-For-Service) is adopted to evaluate the low temperature design curve of 07MnNiMoDR, and the fracture toughness is obtained by master curve method (MC method) in the transition region. The results show that 07MnNiMoDR can be classified between exemption curve B and D in current edition of ASME Section VIII, Division 2.

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