This paper describes the application of independent component analysis (ICA) to detect corrosion-induced defects in commercial nuclear power plants. This paper analyzes the applicability and benefits of ICA when applied to guided wave (GW) technology to detect corrosion in secondary circuits, as well as studying the potential for expanding the range of GW technology to include complex geometries and piping components. The ultrasonic GWs can inspect long stretches of straight piping; however, more complex geometries that include elbows, welds, and tees are causing spurious reflections and coherent noise, which significantly decreases the sensitivity of the GW systems. The potential of ICA to improve detection sensitivity is analyzed and practical recommendations are provided. It is demonstrated on GW data collected at one of the commercial nuclear power plants that ICA, under certain conditions, is capable of separating different coherent noise components and has potential for improving signal-to-noise ratio.

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