Flanged joints are used in high pressure applications such as process piping, pressure vessels, risers, pipelines and subsea production systems. These flanges are subjected to external loads in addition to pressure. A brief description of high pressure flanges standards is given. Design of high pressure flanged joints are covered in many design codes. A review of allowable stresses, load factors for bolting, flanges and bolt preload requirements has been made for the following codes: ASME VIII-2, ASME VIII-3, ASME B31.3 Chapter IX, API 6A, API 6X, API 17D, API 17TR7, API 17TR8, API 17G, EN 1591-1 and NORSOK U-001. This paper also presents analytically based structural load-capacity (ultimate strength) design equations for flanged joints. The design equations are used to calculate rated working pressure and flange-face separation load-capacity of API 6A type 6BX flanges. Future code recommendations for flange design are provided.

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