Light water reactors in Japan are expected to restart sequentially after given permission in condition to meet the new regulatory requirements imposed on the regulatory follow-up actions against the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Since several safety related systems were added to the plants through the process of the new regulatory requirements, the numbers of components to be inspected, which is already a large amount, will increase even more after the restart in Japan. Effective measure will be required to command maintenance activities by reasonably assigning limited resource. The authors had planned a research project aiming optimization of maintenance considering influence of fluid leakage behavior, for example, diffusion area, flow rate, flow impingement pressure and all, with pipe failure, mainly targeting less-safety related piping and components. And the experimental equipment which has the ability to evaluate the fluid leakage behavior from crack, pinhole and break were constructed. In this paper, fundamental data about fluid diffusion properties of low energy water is mentioned.

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