This paper proposes simplified methods to evaluate fatigue damage in a component subjected to cyclic thermal loading, in order to visualize the distribution of usage factor using a graphical user interface (GUI) incorporated in a widely-used commercial CAE. The objective is to perform the evaluation and visualization using a standard desktop PC. In the previous paper, three simplified methods based on elastic finite-element analysis (FEA) were proposed in place of the method in the procedures employed in ASME Section III Subsection NH. In this paper, the methods have been improved for elastic-plastic FEA. A previously performed thermal fatigue test with a type 304 stainless steel cylinder was simulated. Heat transfer, elastic, and inelastic analyses were conducted. Simultaneously with the analyses performed, the equivalent total strain ranges and fatigue usage factor distributions were calculated using user subroutines developed in this study including three newly proposed simplified and ASME NH-based methods. These distributions can be visualized on a GUI incorporated in a commercial FEA code. The calculation results were consistent with the distribution of cracks observed. In addition, by using these, the analysts can visualize these distributions using their familiar CAE system.

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