Sulfidation corrosion of the carbon steel tubes at the tube-to-tubesheet joint often governs the life of waste heat boilers in sulphur recovery plants. Conventional tube joints typically have a welded joint located at the hot-side face of the tubesheet. An alternative design involves welding the tubesheet joint at the cold-side face of the tubesheet, close to the boiler feed water. The alternative design also employs stainless steel cladding on the tubesheet face and a tube-hole sleeve selectively at high-temperature locations. Finite element heat transfer analysis is used to establish the thermal profiles of the conventional and the alternative designs. From the worked example, the alternative design provided a lower metal temperature by approximately 80 °F at the joint, as compared to the conventional tube joint. Sulfidation rate prediction based on a sample gas composition using ASSET (Alloy Selection System for Elevated Temperatures) Software predicts that the alternative design can reduce the sulfidation rate by 35% because of the lower metal temperature.

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