Containment vessel (CV) of nuclear power plants is an important structure to prevent a significant and sudden radioactive release, however, the safety margin of the containment vessel against the internal or external pressure are not numerically clarified. The head plate is one of the components which constitute the CV boundary. In order to develop the evaluation method of the pressure toughness of the head plate at beyond design basis events, the pressure failure tests and finite element analysis of the head plates subjected to convex side pressure were performed. In the tests, non-axisymmetric deformations with local deformation concentration were observed in post buckling behavior in the case of the thin thickness head plate. In this study, to evaluate these non-axisymmetric deformations in the test, finite element analyses using detailed 3-D solid model constructed by precise dimensions of the head plates measured by 3-D scanner were performed. Moreover, FEA using simplified model with uniform or non-uniform thickness model were performed. Through a series of FEA, it was clarified the effect of each thickness pattern on post buckling non-axisymmetric deformation.

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