The Electrical Isolation Joint is considered a pressure vessel and is usually designed according to ASME VIII Div.1, but the code does not provide specific rules for the component. This paper provides the mechanical design of an Electrical Insulation Joint according to ASME VIII div.1, Appendix 2, “Rules for Bolted Flange.” The scope of this work is to suggest design guidelines to be included in the ASME VIII Div.1 code for Electrical Isolation Joints.

The first part of the paper will introduce the geometry of typical electrical isolation joint and will show the distribution of stresses due to internal pressure.

The second part of this work will introduce the design of the isolation Joint size of 24” nominal diameter as per ASME VIII div.1 Appendix 2 for items subjected to internal pressure.

The third part will compare design results above described with Finite Element Analysis as per ASME VIII div.2 part 5 for design validation.

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