Gathering pipeline network, as one of the most important parts of oil and gas field construction, is characterized by complex topological structure and high investment costs. Therefore, optimization of gathering pipeline network can reduce total investment of field significantly. This paper focuses on stellated pipeline network, a common connection structure of gathering pipeline, and presents a layout optimization model for progressive development of gathering pipeline network. Minimizing the production length is the object of the model. Constraints of wells, valve groups, gathering radius and flow rate are taken into consideration. The optimal position of valve groups and central processing facility and the connection of each pipeline are obtained by solving this model with a heuristic algorithm proposed in this paper. In addition, three typical cases, namely new production block, well pattern infilling and rolling development, are taken as examples to verify the reliability and practicality of the proposed model. The results demonstrate that the proposed method can tackle the layout optimization problem of expanding a pre-existing gathering pipeline network.

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