The second stage of the Daya Bay neutrino experiment, the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO), will be launched to investigate more neutrino physics. The vessel, which is used to contain the liquid target for detecting neutrinos, plays a significant role in JUNO. It must meet diverse design criteria according to the requirements for physics measurement and safe operation. This paper proposed an alternative structural scheme for the containment vessel. Acrylic is selected as the material for its high transparency and excellent mechanical properties. A sphere 35.5m in diameter is chosen as the optimum shape of the vessel. The sphere is supported at its equator boss by beams and rods. And a rubber layer functions as buffer between acrylic and steel supporting structures to avoid rigid contact. The preliminary design of the scheme is given and verified by finite element analysis. Results show that this scheme can meet the requirements of strength and stability and should be a feasible choice for JUNO.

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