Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) conducted in the summer of 2017 its third fracture challenge (i.e., the Third Sandia Fracture Challenge or SFC3). The challenge, which was open to the public, asked participants to predict, without foreknowledge of the outcome, the fracture response predictions of an additively manufactured tensile test coupon of moderate geometric complexity when loaded to failure. This paper outlines the approach taken by our team, one of the SNL teams that participated in the challenge, to make a prediction. To do so, we employed a traditional finite element approach coupled with a continuum damage mechanics constitutive model. Constitutive model parameters were determined through a calibration process of the model response with the provided longitudinal and transverse tensile test coupon data. Comparison of model predictions with the challenge coupon test results are presented and general observations gleaned from the exercise are provided.

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