Fluoropolymer-industrial coatings containing PTFE, also referred to by the tradename Xylan® 1424, are applied in a thin film to provide both lubrication and corrosion resistance. Fluoropolymer coated fasteners are manufactured by a multitude of companies with varying manufacturing practices, procedures, and quality metrics. Fluoropolymer coated fasteners are being considered by major power producers to be used in natural gas transmission lines for their advertised and expected low coefficient of friction properties in place of standard carbon steel fasteners with manually applied lubrication. While some research exists for the nut friction factor of smaller diameter fluoropolymer coated fasteners, this paper will provide empirically obtained data and analysis of the nut friction factors for larger diameter fasteners, up to 2-1/4”, acquired from four different fluoropolymer coated fastener suppliers advertising equivalent fluoropolymer coating specifications and resulting performance. This study is a milestone to further understand the repeatability and quality of fluoropolymer coated fasteners as supplied from one manufacturer to another.

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