A failure mode and effect analysis is performed on 58 centrifugal pumps of Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit in one of the plants of SINOPEC. Firstly, the failure modes of the pumps are classified. Then, the failure causes of the pumps are analyzed. After that, the influence of the failure and the risk level are determined. Finally, the maintenance strategies to reduce risk are put forward according to the equipment failure mode and risk level, which is the basis for the maintenance of pumps. The results show that the main failure modes of the centrifugal pumps are process medium leakage, unexpected stop, vibration, damage, noise, low output and of useful medium leakage. The mean time to failures of centrifugal pumps is 14533 hours, about 20 months. Nine centrifugal pumps are in the risk of high or medium-high, which accounts for 15.52% of the total number of pumps.

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