Due to the Small diameter and thin walled tube docking girth joint ultrasonic testing has the problems of: dead zone is often greater than the wall thickness; large curvature of the pipeline causes ultrasonic scattering, greatly reduces the sensitivity; pipe weld root’s is not welded and so on. In this paper, the prepared small-bore and sheet steel tube docking girth joint ultrasonic testing probe has sufficient sensitivity, is less than 2.5mm of initial pulse width, short front (≤ 5mm), high resolution, less clutter, less surface wave components, At the same time, the test block was designed and used for the testing of probe’s related technical indicators, the test block can meet the focus probe’s performance and scanning sensitivity calibration. Combined with the field detection and compared with the radiographic testing, the ultrasonic testing obtain good result. It is suitable for the ultrasonic quantitative testing of the joint ring weld of thin wall pipe.

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