Small punch test specimens are widely used for a long time as they are simple to produce and requires only a small volume of material. This fact is advantageous especially for high activity materials but also for assessment of operational damage in components materials when component integrity and strength may not be affected. In the same time, no test standard exists and several different specimen types and test procedures have been developed in different place.

Thus, to unify this activity, considerable attention has been paid since 2012 to the standardization of small punch test technique within the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). In 2016 a large InterLaboratory Study has been launched within the ASTM subcommittee E10.02 - Behavior and Use of Nuclear Structural Materials, involving 12 laboratories and 6 evaluated structural materials from the nuclear and non-nuclear power plant components.

Paper describes the current status of ASTM standardization, results of the InterLaboratory Study, first analysis of the results with respect to some important test parameters, lessons learned and open questions remaining to be solved for the successful completion of the standardization process.

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