A program for a high-temperature design analysis and defect assessment has been developed for an elevated temperature evaluation according to the RCC-MRx for Generation IV and fusion reactor systems. The program, called ‘HITEP_RCC-MRx,’ consists of three modules: ‘HITEP_RCC-DBA,’ which computerizes the design-by-analysis (DBA) for class 1 components such as the pressure vessel and heat exchangers according to RB-3200 procedures, ‘HITEP_RCC-PIPE,’ which computerizes the design-by-rule (DBR) analysis for class 1 piping according to RB-3600 procedures and ‘HITEP_RCC-A16,’ which computerizes high-temperature defect assessment according to the A16 procedures. It is a web-based program, and thus can operate on a smartphone as well as on a personal computer once it is connected to the URL. The program has been verified with a number of relevant example problems on DBA, Pipe, and A16. It was shown from the verification works that HITEP_RCC-MRx with the three modules conducts a design evaluation and a defect assessment in an efficient and reliable way.

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