In the past 10 years, different laboratory test results lead the International Standard Development Organizations (SDO) to review their fatigue design rules in different directions, in particular to consider consequences of environmental effects on existing design rules.

The key document that ask different questions to Code developers is the USNRC NUREG 6909 report: “Effect of LWR Coolant Environments on the Fatigue Life of Reactor Materials” that confirms some environmental effects on S-N fatigue tests on small specimen. The open question is: how to transfer these results to Fatigue Design Rules of plant components?

This paper will review existing codified rules in major nuclear Codes; in particular USA ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section III and French AFCEN RCC-M Code.

The paper will make a first historical background of these Codes and analyze background of these rules by consideration of field experience and existing tests results.

To conclude, the paper will summarize to-day “fatigue road maps” to evaluate margins and screening criteria to assure reliable and safe codified design fatigue life evaluation.

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