Article A-3000 of Appendix A in ASME Section XI provides methods to calculate stress intensity factors that are used in Section XI linear elastic fracture mechanics based flaw evaluation procedures. The ASME Section XI Working Group on Flaw Evaluation has been in the process of rewriting Article A-3000 of Appendix A. The rewrite of Article A-3000 includes implementation of closed-form equations for stress intensity factor influence coefficients for cylinder geometries.

Closed-form relations for stress influence coefficients G0 and G1 for axial flaws on the outside surface in cylinders were recently developed and implemented into the 2017 Edition of ASME Section XI Appendix A. The closed-form equations were implemented with one restriction on the application related to very long flaws. This restriction was taken as an interim approach to addressing a technical concern from the US NRC staff. NRC staff had technical concern on the large percentage fitting errors for the G1 influence coefficients at surface point for some very long flaws. An action was assigned within the ASME Section XI Working Group on Flaw Evaluation to investigate the accuracy of surface point G values for very long flaws. The intent of the investigation is to provide technical justification for using the closed-form equations with no restriction and to identify any issues in the source data or during the fitting process. This paper describes current results from this ongoing investigation.

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