In ASME Section XI Appendix C for analytical evaluation of flaws in piping, a screening procedure is prescribed to determine the failure mode and analysis method for the flawed pipe. The end-of-evaluation period flaw dimensions, temperature, material properties, and pipe loadings are considered in the screening procedure. Equations necessary to calculate components of the screening criteria (SC) include stress intensity factor (K) equations. The K-equation for a pipe with a circumferential inside surface flaw in the 2017 Edition Section XI Appendix C-4000 is for a fan-shaped flaw. Real surface flaws are closer to semi-elliptical shape. As part of Section XI Working Group on Pipe Flaw Evaluation (WGPFE) activities, revision to stress intensity factor equations for circumferential surface flaws in Appendix C-4000 has been proposed. The proposed equations include closed-form equations for stress intensity influence coefficients G0 for membrane stress and Ggb for global bending stress for circumferential inside surface flaws. The rationale for the Code changes and technical basis for the proposed stress intensity factor equations are provided in this paper.

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