The Surry Power Station completed a proactive upgrade of 96-inch, 42-inch and 30-inch steel pipelines in circulating and service water systems using a structural upgrade approach with internally applied carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites. This paper provides an overview of the two-year project from options analysis and pre-planning to completion of the CFRP lining. This will include the discussion of the process Surry Power Station used for options analysis, technical vetting of the repair solutions, procurement method and award criteria. The project implementation discussion will include: (i) Design approach for stand-alone carbon fiber upgrade of steel pipelines; (ii) Extensive pre-planning and contingency planning process; (iii) Success strategies for challenge meetings on pipeline repair projects; (iv) Effective safety programs; (v) quality control programs; and (vi) Step-by-step view of the carbon fiber installation. The installation portion of the paper will include a discussion of challenges encountered and overcome during construction, along with lessons learned which are being applied for future similar projects.

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