Metal matrix composites (MMCs) constitute an important class of weight-efficient structural material which empowering every field of engineering applications. Aluminium based metal matrix composites contains potential for high specific strength and advanced structural applications, as well as good elevated temperature resistance along with light weight application. However, need for improved tribological performance has led to the fabrication of newer variants of the composite. In the present work, aluminium based metal matrix composite (MMCs) developed through stir casting route by reinforcing different weight percentage of SiC micro (5% and 10%) and nano (1% and 2%) particles. In this research, 5083 aluminium alloy is used as matrix phase due its broad range of industrial applications. Wear behaviour of the developed aluminium matrix composite (AMC) was investigated under different conditions of applied load, operation time and speed. The analysis carried out at room temperature for three different loads (10N, 20N, and 30N) with varying four different operation times (30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, and 120 mins). The speed was kept constant at 1450 rpm during all experiments. The results of all considered composites are investigated and the composite with 2% SiC nano reinforcement is identified as a superior among all other composition for tribological applications point of view. Also the developed aluminium matrix composites have potential applications in many industries such as pressure vessels, pipe fittings, boat hulls, gears and pistons.

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