In this paper, the fatigue threshold of steel servicing in hydrogen environment is studied by means of shakedown analysis. First of all, the application of shakedown analysis on the fatigue threshold prediction is reviewed briefly. Secondly, the classical static shakedown theorem for elasto-perfectly plastic structure is modified to take hydrogen’s effect into consideration. In the proposed method, the effect of hydrogen is described by a yield stress associated with hydrogen concentration and hydrogen content in metal is assumed to be composed of the hydrogen in lattice sites and in reversible trap sites. The effect of plastic flow on hydrogen trap density is involved in by considering the plastic strain as the function of residual stress, which is expected to result in a lower bound of the shakedown load. Finally, the fatigue threshold of a steel is computed as example. The performance of the proposed method is discussed and compared with the results from references. The results indicate that the proposed method is of validity.

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