The natural frequencies of free vibrations for thick cylindrical shells with clamped-clamped ends conveying fluid are investigated. Equations of motion and boundary conditions are derived by Hamilton’s principle based on the new high order shell theory. The hydrodynamic force is derived from the linearized potential flow theory. Besides, fluid pressure acting on the shell wall is gotten by the assumption of non-penetration condition. The out-of-plane and in-plane vibrations are coupled together due to the existence of fluid-solid-interaction (FSI). Under the assumption of harmonic motion, the dispersion relationships are presented. Using the method of frequency sweeping, the natural frequencies of symmetric modes and asymmetric modes corresponding to each flow velocity are found by satisfying the dispersion relationship equations and boundary conditions. Several numerical examples with different flow velocities and thickness are presented compared with previous thin shell theory and FEM results and show reasonable agreement. The effects of thickness are discussed.

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