The purpose of the study was to find an alternative supply of material for high pressure tubing used in the manufacture of plastic in Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plants. The material selected by A&A Machine & Fabrication, LLC was HS220-27Ca4, which is manufactured by TimkenSteel. The HS220-27Ca4 material is a fine-grain, forged rolled alloy with optimal chemistry of medium carbon and a balance of chromium, nickel and molybdenum to achieve ultra-high strength and toughness. The material was laboratory tested to fatigue standards defined by ASME Section VIII Division 3 Article KD-3. In addition, the material was processed by A&A Machine & Fabrication, LLC to autofrettage requirements set forth in ASME Section VIII Division 3 Article KD-5. To satisfy industry standards and customer specifications, dimensional and non-destructive test data was gathered throughout the fabrication process. This information and comparative chemistry data is presented and reviewed as a means to demonstrate acceptance of HS220-27Ca4 for use in LDPE process.

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